Be Kind To Food Servers Month

Be Kind To Food Servers Month 

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Did you know that January is Be Kind to Food Servers month? It's a time to recognize all of the servers who work hard to make our dining experiences more enjoyable. Whether you're dining out at your favorite restaurant, in line at the cafeteria or just grabbing a quick bite to eat, one thing is certain, the service can really make or break your experience. That's why we want to help honor all of the hard-working food servers out there.

Sure, serving cafeteria food isn’t the most glamorous job, but it’s certainly one we shouldn’t take for granted. Be Kind To Food Servers Month encourages you to respect and connect with the people who help you to meat, veg and dessert.

It doesn't end with tipping, though. Being kind to food servers means putting yourself in their place. How would you feel if people jumped all over you whenever their mashed potatoes were too cold, their soup too hot, human hairs the same color and texture as those on the cook's head prominently visible through the kitchen window were adorning your eggs or cockroaches were napping in your creme brulee? Is that the food server's fault? Did the food server deliberately wait to serve your mashed potatoes and gravy until they were cold? Was it the food server who deliberately heated the soup to scalding, like a medieval warrior protecting the castle battlements? Was it your young, flaxen-locked food server who yanked those gnarled, gray hairs from her head and put them in your eggs? Or was it your food server who searched the kitchen floor relentlessly for cockroaches, just so she could place them in your creme brulee? Of course not.
It was the cook!!!
So don't blame your food server.
Blame the cook.


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