Biological Clock Day Celebration On 28th April | Days Of the Year

Biological Clock Day Celebration On 28th April | Days Of the Year

A clock can be defined as a system that shows a regular and predictable effect. The motion of the earth around its axis and the route of the earth around the sun are clocks in this definition. We know mechanical clocks (the pendulum clock) and atomic clocks based on the regular oscillation of certain atoms. Mechanical clocks are not possible in living systems, atomic clock not probable. All life’s processes happen on the scale of molecules, mostly enzymes. Biological clocks are no exception.
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Biological Clock Day

For Biological Clock does so much more than tell us the perfect time to get pregnant. In fact, both men and women and the young and old are subject to the influence of the biological clocks that we all have.All living organisms have an internal biological clock, called the Circadian Rhythm, which helps their bodies adapt to the daily cycle of day and night as the Earth rotates.The technology of today’s world can upset the balance of the biological clock, so celebrate Biological Clock Day by setting aside some time to re-regulate it; create a regular bedtime routine, minimise naps and eat regularly.


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