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Celebration Help A Horse Day 26th April 

Help A Horse Day [img source - about-horses. net]
Help A Horse Day

Horses are extremely intelligent, sensitive animals and true American icons. They have been central, No horsing around – today is an opportunity for you to be a good ‘neeeiiigh-bor’ on Help a Horse Day! when Henry Bergh stopped a cart driver from beating his horse, resulting in the first successful arrest for the mistreatment of a horse on April 26, 1866.

Behind these celebrations is a sad truth: thousands of equines become homeless each year through no fault of their own, and many end up at livestock auctions where they're purchased for slaughter overseas.

Help a Horse Day is your opportunity to send a donation to an equine care charity of your choice! Or share an apple or carrot with a local horse you know!

Horses have such a rich tradition of helping humans work, explore, play, and be simply less alone on the journey. They've been so strong for us.


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