Cubicle Day Celebrate On 28th April | Days Of The Year

Cubicle Day Celebrate On 28th April | Days Of The Year

Cubicle Day is celebrated on April 28th every year around the world.
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Cubicle Day
Cubicle Day presents an opportunity for departmentalised office workers to rise above the conformist standards, customise their cubes and announce their individuality.

To maximize on space, many offices now have cubicles for their employees. All of them try to personalize the space with plants, photos and other memorabilia. Of course, humans are not designed to spend their lives in cubicles. If spending a day in a cube makes you feel boxed in, take some time to change the way you feel about your space and the 4 walls around you. The number 4 represents balance – 4 seasons – Spring, Summer Autumn and Winter. There are 4 Elements – Earth, Water, Fire and Wind.

Designed by Robert Propst and known for a complete absence of individuality, cubicles were first introduced in 1967 as a way to subdivide open office space and provide workers with a degree of privacy.

Many companies try to encourage their employees to get away from their cubicles and mingle with their colleagues. Or go for a walk during lunch. Cubicles are generally considered to be a status symbol and come with a promotion at work. They accord a degree of privacy to senior staff – so that they can conduct delicate negotiations.


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