Easter eggs, Bunnies, Peeps: Easter Traditions Explained

Easter eggs, bunnies, Peeps: Easter traditions explained

From decorating eggs to eating Peeps, USA TODAYexplains the origins of modern-day Easter traditions.

Easter egg
The symbol of the egg may have origins in pagan rituals celebrating the spring season. The religious symbolism is the resurrection of Jesus.
Decorating eggs for Easter dates back to at least the 13th century, according to theHistory channel. Dying eggs red symbolized the blood of Christ.
The Easter egg is also a byproduct of Lent, as many families would give up eggs during those fast days, which end with Easter.

Easter Season

In Western Christianity, Easter marks the end ofLent, a 40-day period of fasting, repentance, moderation and spiritual discipline in preparation for Easter. Lent begins on Ash Wednesday and ends on Easter Sunday. Eastern Orthodox churches observe Lent or Great Lent, during the 6 weeks or 40 days preceding Palm Sunday with fasting continuing during the Holy Week of Easter. Lent for Eastern Orthodox churches begins on Monday and Ash Wednesday is not observed.


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