Get Organized Month

Get Organized Month

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This month is National Get Organized Month. Every January the National Association of Professional Organizers and it’s member chapters endeavor to publicize the benefits of organization and the services that are provided by our industry. There are many areas of specialty within the Professional Organizer industry – from home staging to business productivity to move managers. There are specialized training courses for many different populations - seniors, hoarders, people with disabilities, and children.  Getting organized helps people with time management, productivity, family management, and relieves stress and anxiety. Here are some of the reasons why professional organizers are hired and which areas are most often organized. 

Once you’ve decided where to start, who will do the work and when it will get done, it’s simply a matter of tackling the organizing projects step by step. Remember, your life and spaces didn’t get chaotic overnight. More likely it was a gradual, almost unnoticeable process. So as you whittle away at the cluttered and disorganized areas in your life, you can look forward to an extra 55.2 minutes per day to sit back and enjoy! Good luck!

“Happy the man, and happy he alone,He who can call today his own:He who, secure within, can say,Tomorrow do thy worst, for I have lived today.”


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