International Guide Dogs Day Celebrate On 30th Apr, 2014 | Days Of The Year

International Guide Dogs Day Celebrate On 30th Apr, 2014 | Days Of The Year

International Guide Dog Day is dedicated to celebrating guide dogs all over the world and to recognise the role they play in assisting people who are blind or vision impaired.
International Guide Dogs Day
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International Guide Dogs Day

Guide Dog Awareness Week 2014, Monday 28 April to Friday 2 May, celebrates International Guide Dog Day on Wednesday 30 April and the vital role Guide Dogs play in enabling people with impaired vision to get around safely and independently.

This is a day to celebrate the important role of guide dogsthat help the blind and visually impaired remain safe and independently mobile day in and day out. Guide dogs are carefully trained to recognize obstacles, and to help guide their handlers around such things. They are trained to help handler’s access public transportation, navigate public places and cross roads safely.

Dogs Day 

Guide dogs are legally allowed into all public places due to their handler’s dependence on them for safety and mobility. Due to this fact however, guide dogs must have a special calm, quiet, non-aggressive and well-behaved temperament.

Guide Dogs Australia represents Australia’s state based Guide Dog organisations, the leading providers of orientation and mobility services, assisting people who are blind or have a vision impairment, gain the freedom and independence to move safely and confidently around the community and to fulfill their potential.

As we receive minimal government funding for the breeding, training and provision of Guide Dogs (which are provided free of charge to our clients), we rely heavily on the support of business and the community to help us deliver these and our other vital orientation and mobility services to those in need.


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