International Jazz Day Celebrate On 30th April | Days Of The Year

International Jazz Day Celebrate On 30th April | Days Of The Year

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International Jazz Day

International Jazz Day celebrates the historical, cultural, and educational contribution of this popular genre of music. The day aims to spread international awareness about this unique musical style; and to promote the cultural, and social values that Jazz stands for.

Japan has long had a love affair with jazz. From the first jazz bands arriving on ocean liners in the port cities of Kobe and Yokohama in the 1920s to the current 100-plus nightly live jazz venues in the Tokyo area, Japan arguably has embraced jazz more fervently than any other country outside its birthplace, America.


Several activities mark the celebration of International Jazz Day, including Jazz concerts and performances, film screenings, and conference and panel discussions
Jazz Day encourages jazz fans all over the world to attend or start jazz festivals, events and parties. Why not take up the trumpet, saxophone, piano or Clarinet? Presumably not all at once, but you get the idea.
MonApr 302012International Jazz Day 
TueApr 302013International Jazz Day
WedApr 302014International Jazz Day

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SatApr 302016International Jazz Day
SunApr 302017International Jazz Day
MonApr 302018International Jazz Day

TueApr 302019International Jazz Day
ThuApr 302020International Jazz Day


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