Jelly Bean Day | How to Celebrate National Jelly Bean Day

Jelly Bean Day | How to Celebrate National Jelly Bean Day

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National Jelly Bean Day is a time to enjoy gobs and gobs of jelly beans. Anyone who loves jelly beans, knows they are not just for Easter. Sure, they are very popular at Easter. But, they are also enjoyed year round. The flavors are limited only by the imagination of candy makers. If you've never enjoyed the multitude of flavors in a box of gourmet jelly beans, the we suggest you head right out to the store and buy some.

Jelly beans were always traditionally made from sugar and artificial flavors, but in the 1980's a revolution in jelly bean varieties exploded with the introduction of "Jelly Belly" jelly beans. Made with real fruit juices -- and in flavors such as tangerine, green apple, and very cherry -- Jelly Belly soon became one of the most popular jelly beans in the nation.

National Jelly Bean Day is observed on April 22nd. It's just for fun, not a national holiday, but for those who adore this sweet little candy, it's a fantastic excuse to indulge in jelly bean fun of all sorts! Here are some suggestions for celebrating the day.

You can enjoy Jelly Bean Day by using the beans in craft activities with your kids or staging your own ‘how many beans in the jar’ contest. Whatever you do, don’t forget that the tastiest way to celebrate Jelly Bean Day is by eating lots of jelly beans!


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