Lei Day Celebrate On 1st May, 2014 | Days Of The Year

Lei Day Celebrate On 1st May, 2014 | Days Of The Year

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Lei Day
Lei Day is a state-wide celebration in all of Hawai'i. The celebration begins in the morning of May first every year and continues throughout the entire day and even continues onto the next day. Lei day was established as a holiday in the year of 1929 and continues to this day. Each Hawaiian island has a different type of lei that is used for the celebration and for its people to wear. The festivities have consistently grown each year and the state of Hawai'i has had to move the location of the event. Lei day was first held in the Courts and Town Halls but has since been moved to Kapi'olani park where it is still being held today.

Lei Day celebrations are not just confined to O'ahu. There are festivals and celebrations found on all of the major Hawaiian Islands.

Lei Day - May first - was the brainchild of Don Blanding. In 1927 he came up with the idea of a uniquely Hawaiian holiday that everyone could celebrate. His editors at the Honolulu Star-Bulletin presented it to the public and the idea was enthusiastically embraced.


Officially made a holiday in 1929, and continues to date. The record for the world’s longest Lei was set at the 81st celebration of Lei Day in 2008. Unofficially the Lei measured more than a mile in length.


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