Morse Code Day Celebration 27th April | Days Of The Year

Morse Code Day Celebration 27th April | Days Of The Year

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Morse Code Day

Morse code was a popular mehtod of communication for over a century — it can be learned quickly and transmitted by tones, lights, or clicks. Although the military recently replaced Morse code with newer communication systems, it still has practical uses today. For example, it can be used as an assistive communication device for people with certain motion disabilities, and usually proves faster than alternative “row scanning” methods. In fact, contests have shown that skilled Morse code “readers” can translate in their heads at rates of 40 words per minute (WPM), with a 1939 record of 75.2 WPM. And the record for the fastest straight keyed message was achieved in 1942 at a rate of 35 WPM. Many amateur radio enthusiasts still learn and use Morse code, and there’s even a radio station, W1AW, that plays practice transmissions for anyone trying to learn.

Morse Code Day commemorates the birth of the inventor of the Morse Code – Samuel Morse in 1791.

Although learning your name in Morse code can be fun, one of the most important codes to know is the common distress signal, SOS. SOS, which in Morse code is three dots, three dashes, and three dots, is internationally recognized and if you find yourself in trouble (which of course is when you would use it) it can really come in handy.


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