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One Day Without Shoes Day Celebrate On 29th April 2014

One Day Without Shoes Day [img source - deviantart. net]

Why One Day Without Shoes Day ? 

One Day Without Shoes is a global event designed to encourage people to go barefoot for a day to draw attention to the plight of children in developing nations who face injury, illness and missed opportunity because they don't have adequate protection.

TOMS Shoes is the sponsor of One Day Without Shoes, which started as a U.S. college campus movement in 2008 and has grown into an event that attracted more than 250,000 participants last year.

It’s very easy to take shoes for granted – but many people, and many children in the world don’t own or have access to shoes. Consider how much shoes enable you to travel, traverse uneven terrain, and to take care of your feet; and go without shoes on One Day Without Shoes Day to show your awareness of and support for those who don’t have access to such a simple but important piece of clothing.

Thousands around the world are set to kick off their shoes again in a bid to help spread awareness about the impact a pair of shoes can have on a child's life. The event dubbed 'One Day Without Shoes' features art booths and musical performances all in the aim of encouraging sole sisters and brothers to take off their shoes and step-up for the benefit of children in need.


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