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School Principals' Day

A great school principal is hard to find, so thank the best in their class with promotional gifts from ePromos! May 1st is School Principals Day, and every principal in your district deserves to be celebrated!
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School Principals Day

That should change on School Principals’ Day, the origin of which is unknown but can probably be credited to teachers’ unions!

As one of the most integral members of the school community, on this day we celebrate all of the hard work and devotion it takes to be a school administrator. School districts can put a smile on every principal’s face with our large variety of apple promotional products. The people who are helping to shape the future of our children deserve only the best.

Principal Appreciation day falls on April 19th 2010. It is a day that you should simply show your principal that you appreciate them giving you the many opportunities for a better education.

‘School Principal’ is used in North America, while ‘Head Teacher’ is preferred in the UK, for example.


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