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Sense Of Smell Day Celebration On 26th April 

A day to build awareness of the role that our noses play in daily life, Sense Of Smell Dayis celebrated throughout educational institutes accross America, promoting learning about how smell interacts with other senses (taste in particular), and how the sense of smell works.
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Sense Of Smell Day

National Sense of Smell Day. This is an annual event that is sponsored by the Sense Of Smell Institute(The Fragrance Foundation's Research & Education Division.) It is held on the last Saturday of April at a selection of children’s museums & science centers across the United States (at this point it is strictly an American Holiday.) Typically, museums & science centers that are involved in celebrating the day, will feature hands-on interactive activities & informational displays about the sense of smell (Olfaction.) Activities can include finding out about different smells from around the world & remembering the smells from your childhood.

About National Sense Of Smell Day

National Sense Of Smell Day is a day celebrated specially by the Sense of Smell Institute, which teaches or makes people aware of how sense of smell works and what are its effects on our daily life. Research says that there is a big connection between what we taste and smell. Our sense of smell not only make us feel good but also sometimes alerts us about danger, enhances our alertness, helps us to sleep, improves our mood etc.


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