World Astronomy Day Celebrate On 28th April | Days Of The Year

World Astronomy Day Celebration On 28th April | Days Of The Year

One day each year, astronomy clubs, planetariums, and other groups of sky lovers band together to expose the general public to the wonders and excitement of astronomy. Officially, Astronomy Day is celebrated "to promote the forerunner of all scientific endeavors and to provide information, resources, and encouragement in all facets of astronomy." But showing that astronomy is fun is really what it's all about.
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World Astronomy Day

Celebrate this marvelous feat on International Astronomy Day by participating in a little stargazing. Check out your local planetarium or library for activities, or simply find a quiet, dark spot to look out onto the sparkling canvas that lies above our heads. Use books or websites to identify the players in the Universe’s spectacular, historical light show.

Telescopes allow us to see much more than is visible to the naked eye. On International Astronomy Day, many organizations offer the public the use of telescopes to experience sights of the Universe that they’ve never seen before.

National Astronomy Day, part of Astronomy Week, is aimed at connecting the public to astronomers and astonomy enthusiasts. It was started by Doug Berger, the president of the Astronomical Association of Northern California in 1973. He had the idea to set up various telescopes in busy urban locations so that passersby could enjoys views of the stars. His idea took off and the event has grown to include several sponsoring organizations associated with astronomy.


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