Armed Forces Day (Croatia) Celebration On 28th May 2014

Armed Forces Day (Croatia)

Armed Forces Day (Croatia)
Armed Forces Day (Croatia) [img]
Armed Forces Day

Every 28th of May, Armed Forces Day is held in honor of the nations military forces, and Josipović added that the Croatian Armed Forces operated for the benefit of the security of citizens, society and the state. The President also issued promotions and medals to 177 members of the Croatian Armed Forces on the day.

Croatian Armed Forces Day is celebrated annually on May 28, to mark the day when the festive parade of the first National Guard Assembly brigades was held in 1991 at the Zagreb FC stadium in the Croatian capital.

This year`s celebration is the first since the country joined NATO as a full member.

The National Guard Assembly (ZNG) combined police units and was a professional armed formation of the military organisation for conducting defence-military duties in the Republic of Croatia, which was a part of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. The ZNG was said to be the precursor of the Croatian Army.


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