Buddha Day | Buddha Birth Day Festival | 6th May

Buddha Day | Buddha Birth Day Festival | 6th May

Buddha Birth Day Festival [img source - wiseattention. org]

Buddha Birth Day 

Buddha’s birthday is the most significant day of the year for Buddhists, with celebrations for the birth, enlightenment and death of Sakyamuni Buddha, the Founder of Buddhism. The Buddha, a crown prince in Northern India, lived from 563BC to 483BC.

According to historians, the custom of bathing the Buddha in China dates back as far as the Three Kingdoms Period (220-280AD).

As one of the most significant dates in the Buddhist religion, Buddhists all over the world continue to celebrate the Buddha’s birthday by the tradition of bathing the little Buddha with fragrant water.

Buddha Day is also known as Vesak Day, or Teacher’s Day. Buddhists celebrate today as the Buddha’s (Shakyamuni) Birthday. It is considered by most to be the most important day in Buddhism and most Buddhists spend the day in contemplation of the Buddha’s life and enlightenment. Celebrations outside the temples often involve ceremonial bird releases and some local traditions or culture into the festivities.


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