Cartoonists Day Celebrate On 5TH MAY

Cartoonists Day Celebrate On 5TH MAY

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Cartoonists Day 

May 5. To honor all cartoonists in the industry: animation, magazines, comic strips, etc.
May 5 is National Cartoonists Day. It’s been pretty hard to miss with all the National Cartoonists Day sales at the Mall. I think government workers get the day off too.
 The scoop: The Yellow Kid, the very first color comic strip, was first published today (May 5) in 1895. Gradually the comics became a staple in every newspaper in the country, and hence today has been designated as National Cartoonists Day.
Now cartoons are a core component of many newspapers, publications and printed media, and have had (and continue to have) a huge impact on our culture.


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