Escargot Day Celebrate On 24th May, 2014

Escargot Day 

Escargot Day! Escargot is a tasty appetizer made with land snails cooked in butter or wine. While the dish most likely originated in Ancient Roman times, escargot is usually associated with French cuisine. In fact, the French consume around 40,000 metric tons of snails each year!
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Escargot Day

National Escargot Day is celebrated each year on May 24. This day is in honor of the famous French dish of cooked land snails. Escargot is a delicious dish, enjoyed by many, however it is an acquired taste. It is usually served as an appetizer in French restaurants.

Escargot {es.kar.go} is the French word for snail.In France you can find tinned snails, with a carton of empty shells attached, and specially dimpled plates to serve them on. Why not celebrate Escargot Day with the classic snail joke from the movie Trading Places, ’ This snail buys a sports car and has it sprayed with a massive letter ‘S’, so everyone will see him and say ’Watch that ‘S’ car go.’


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