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Garden Meditation Day Celebration on 3rd May, 2014

Garden Meditation Day
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Garden Meditation Day

May 3rd is the celebration of Garden Meditation Day. But, this can be practiced anytime you feel the need. What is Garden Meditation? Meditation is about letting everything else go (physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually) and quieting your mind to attain greater focus, self-awareness, or simply a more relaxed frame of mind. Planting seeds can be a form of meditation, or maybe trying focussing your attention on the simple act of pulling weeds.

Celebrated on May 3, it is National Garden Meditation Day. It is time to forget about everything else, take some time for yourself, relax and meditate.

Working in the garden, such as planting or even pulling weeds, can be a form of meditating. You may prefer to find a bench and just sit in the sun quietly for the time amount of your choice.

National Garden Meditation Day is part of the Gifts from the Garden Every Day in May.

Participation in Garden Meditation Day can include sitting with quiet awareness in your garden or nearby park, or weeding, watering or planting in a focused, relaxed manner. Practiced with or without movement, meditation can quiet the mind and invite inner harmony, and gardening can make the world more lush, beautiful and livable.


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