Iris Day Celebration On 8th May, 2014

Iris Day Celebration On 8th May, 2014

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Iris Day

With the first sunny days, returns the season of the outdoor festive events. The Iris Day is traditionally a major appointment of the spring which highlights the Brussels cultural bubbling under its most varied angles.

Iris Day is observed on May 08, 2014.

When is Iris Day?

Thursday, the 8th of May 2014

Celebrate Iris Day by enjoying these great, easy to grow bloomers. If you don't have any in your yard, get some and plant them today. You can also enjoy this day by going to a floral shop to buy some Iris to put into your favorite vase.

Today is also a great opportunity to learn more abut how to grow and care for Iris. It's really easy!

The name comes from the Greek word for ‘rainbow’ and most mythology adepts will tell you Iris was the messenger of the gods, the link between sea and sky, the rainbow glider, if you will. Doesn’t that just inspire you to find a bunch of Irises for your girlfriend, mother, daughter and sister right now? It should, because on Iris Day, all is forgiven if you bring a bunch of these to your special someone; so if you’ve been naughty, now’s the time to be nice.


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