Loomis Day Celebrates On May 30, 2014

Loomis Day Celebrates 

Give a man a kite and he'll have fun for a day. But give a man two kites and some copper mesh and he'll invent wireless communication!
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Loomis Day

What a delightful month is the month of May! I learned that May 30 is National Loomis Day, so my family will celebrate!! The holiday recognizes Mahlon Loomis, of Washington D.C., who received a patent for his wire-free telegraph on that day in 1872.

Such was the destiny of Mahlon Loomis, who in 1868 proved his theory of wireless communication was valid. Loomis attached some copper gauze to the bottom of a kite and used copper wire for the string. He set it atop a mountain connected to a galvometer. He then set up an identical contraption about 15 miles away. By touching the second kite's wire to the ground, he could move the first kite.

Unfortunately, after failing to receive funding to develop the technology, Loomis abandoned the project. In an explanation he stated, "I know that I am by some, even many, regarded as a crank - by some perhaps a fool.... But I know that I am right, and if the present generation lives long enough their opinions will be changed - and their wonder will be that they did not perceive it before. I shall never see it perfected - but it will be, and others will have the honor of the discovery."

May 30 is "Loomis Day." You can celebrate by giving him a thankful nod each time you use your cell phone.


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