Mint Julep Day Celebrates On May 30, 2014

Mint Julep Day 
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Mint Julep Day Celebrates On May 30, 2014

The mint julep is a centuries-old mixed alcoholic drink, or cocktail, consisting primarily of bourbon (or some other spirit) and fresh mint. As a bourbon-based cocktail, it is associated with the American South and the cuisine of the Southern United States in general, and the Kentucky Derby in particular.

Mint Julep Day! A mint julep is a delicious and refreshing summer cocktail made with bourbon whiskey, mint, water, and sugar. A secret trick that many bartenders use is to lightly “bruise” the mint before adding the other ingredients. This releases the herb’s distinctive aroma and flavor. A traditional mint julep is then served in a silver or pewter cup filled with shaved ice.

Mint Julep Day is celebrated annually on May 30. Each year, on this day, people around the country join together for a glass of mint julep! This refreshing southern classic is a traditional drink of the Kentucky Derby.

Traditionally a mint julep is made with mint leaf, bourbon, sugar and water. In the Southern states, where mint julep is more associated with the cuisine, spearmint is the mint of choice. Preparation of the drink may vary from one bartender to another.


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