No Homework Day Celebration On 6TH MAY, 2014

No Homework Day Celebration On 6TH MAY, 2014

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No Homework Day

Throughout the 2014 school year, Central Public Schools has designated one school day a month as a “No Homework Day.” This means that students will not be assigned any homework that will be due on the following school day. Furthermore, no quizzes or tests will given on the day following a “No Homework Day.” The purpose of these days will be to give students a break from the demands they face at school. In efforts to help find some balance in their schedule, students are encouraged to use their free evening to spend time with family, participating in family centered activities without the demands of school work for one night. This will also allow students time to reach out to their community in order to help meet the needs of our surrounding area, as many of our students are involved in volunteer opportunities and service projects. Our hope is that students, parents, families and our community, will benefit from having one night a month that is homework free. Please put the following dates on your calendar and plan accordingly as we move through the 2013-2014 school year.

This is probably not a popular holiday with teachers and parents! But it is a day nevertheless to say put down the books and relax. (Unless, of course, you have a big exam or paper due the next day!)

No Homework nights 

No Homework nights will provide an opportunity to do something special as a family without
having to worry about any children having homework.


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