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Paranormal Day Celebration On 3rd May, 2014 

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Paranormal Day

Friday May 3, 2014 is Paranormal Day. Recognized around the world, this is a day to honor all those who believe in paranormal experiences as well as those who engage in paranormal activities. Even if you are a die hard skeptic, you can still enjoy this day as an opportunity to hang out and watch scary movies.

May 3 is "Paranormal Day" when all those persons who believe in paranormal activity are encouraged to share their experiences with others. But what is paranormal activity, exactly?

Paranormal activity has been described as "phenomena and manifestations which lie outside of normal experience, and which can neither be scientifically explained nor proved."

What does paranormal really mean? The wordparanormal is a general term that was first used in 1915. It is used to describe an experience that is outside the range of a normal experience. It is generally used to describe phenomena that science cannot explain or measure.

Celebrating the Paranormal

What would Paranormal Day be without a celebration? Unlike typical holidays, there will be no parades or commemorative events. In all honesty, most folks won’t even know about this special day—but you will. Do something special for yourself and your friends. Get together and watch some scary movies or some old episodes of Ghost Hunters. Visit some local historical places and do a little ghost hunting of your own. Hold a séance or get a psychic reading. Whatever you do, enjoy the day and make the paranormal part of your normal routine!


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