Rapture Party Day Celebrate On 21st May, 2014

Rapture Party Day Celebrate

You may remember that Harold Camping, president of Family Radio - a Christian broadcasting network - predicted that May 21, 2011 would be the beginning of the end of the world. On that evening, many non-believers - both Christian and non-Christian alike - celebrated what they felt was a misguided prophecy by holding rapture parties across the world.

Well, thank goodness Mr. Camping was wrong and we are all still here to tell the tale. In the spirit of continued life on earth, May 21 continues to be celebrated as "Rapture Party Day." If you are so inclined, gather up the friends and family for some gratitude and fellowship. You might want to consider serving one of these intriguing cocktails

Rapture Party Day
Rapture Party Day

Rapture Party Day
Predictions over recent decades suggested that May 21st 2011 would mark the end of the world, in the form of the Christian Rapture.
As far as we can tell, this event didn’t happen as Harold Camping predicted, and now the date is celebrated with ‘rapture parties’ and ‘end of the world parties’.


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