Weights & Measures Day Celebration On 20th May, 2014

Weights & Measures Day 

National Weights and Measures Week commemorates the anniversary of the date when President John Adams signed the first weights and measures law in the US on March 2, 1799. The week of March 1-7 was set aside to make the public aware of this important service.
Weights & Measures Day [img source - isasce.com]

Weights & Measures Day

The International Bureau of Weights and Measures (French: Bureau international des poids et mesures), is an international standards organisation, one of three such organisations established to maintain the International System of Units (SI) under the terms of the Metre Convention (Convention du M├Ętre). The organisation is usually referred to by its French initialism.

you should be, because there’s only one day a year that anybody bothers to convert from dram to gram and from gram to grain, and that’s Weights and Measures Day.

We celebrate this day by taking children’s measurements, weighing the cats and checking that the king size bed matches the country’s guidelines.


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