Etch A Sketch Day July 12

Etch A Sketch Day

Etch A Sketch is a mechanical drawing toy ,It was invented by  AndrĂ© Cassagnes in the late 1950s. He was a  French inventor, electrical technician, toymaker, and kite designer. This magical toy is very popular all around the world it came under the  category of 100 most memorable and most creative toys of the 20th century. Earlier this toy was manufactured by the Ohio Art Company but now takeover by Spin Master of Toronto, Canada. On July 12, 1960  the launch of Etch A Sketch held near the peak of the Baby Boom with the cost of $2.99 for each toy. 

How you gone a celebrate this day? Still confuse…Don’t  worry I have an idea, you can invite your childrens school friends and neighbours to participate in Etch A Sketch day Contest ,Then arrange surpise gift for participation and Etch- A-Sketch toy to the winner. This method will increase sketching intrust and may be soon  it become a hobby. Sketching art is really creative your sketch tells many things that words can’t express. Identifying message behind the sketch helps to increase brain power. This art can be use as a brain games for kids. For Children's Drawing toy will be best birthday gift ever . The ideology behind the toy is truly wonderful with the help of two large knobs which helps to design sketch, one knob which moves it vertically and the other horizontally and if both knobs works simultaneously it makes diagonal lines. User can erase the sketch, you just have to turns the toy upside down and shakes it. Ohio launched a Color Etch A Sketch in 1993. Color Etch A Sketch is Similar to the original Etch A Sketch, the traditional two-knob used to draw, they featured six colors. It also had the ability to produce a color copy of each picture drawn. 

Etch a sketch appeared in movie  Toy Story,Toy  Story 2 and Toy Story 3. You can watch this movie with your family it’s a nice animated movie ,I would like to share some dialogue of that movie to show  Etch presence.
Toy Story
"Hey, Etch. Draw!" (Etch draws a gun at a rapid pace, and makes a ding) "Oh! Got me again. Etch, you've been working on that draw. Fastest knobs in the west."
—Woody, as he plays with Etch
Toy Story 2
"Etch, draw that man in a chicken suit."
—Buzz Lightyear, during a Crime Scene Investigation
Toy Story 3
"We've lost friends along the way... Wheezy... and Etch..."

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