National Caviar Day July 18

If you love sea food then you can try Caviar, It is the processed and salted roe of fish. There are two type of roe one is fresh means its non-pasteurized and second is pasteurized. The word cavier came from Turkish word havyar, which derived from the Iranian word khayah. The true fish egg comes from sturgeon, It stay in the caspian or black sea. Characteristics like egg color, lucidity, maturity, size and uniformity used to finalise rate of Caviar berries. Two components  caviar's fragrance and egg-shell hardness also contribute to it rating. Usually caviar are black but its also available in diffrent shade like red, gold and grey there colour is most attrective thing.

Caviar is extremely perishable kept it in a cool place like refrigerator until consumption. Pasteurized caviar has a slightly different texture they are less perishable and may not require refrigeration before opening.  
Its important that caviar supply should have certain limit considering its population. It's necessary to put some restrictions and ban to reduce over exportation of caviars. Naturally, these restrictions raise the price of caviar even more. To save the fish and caviars this steps will help us in future. People's have to understand about the limited consumption of caviar and don't waste food.

How to celebrate National Caviar Day 
Its a time to enjoy seafood caviar with your full family.Its unbelievable that earlier caviar was serverd in bars, sometimes for free to increase drinks consumption, now they serverd peanuts and other snacks. You can go to your favorite restaurant with your friends and enjoy caviar day.

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