National SCUD day July 7,2016

National SCUD day

Scud day stands for Savor the Comic,Unplug the drama. It is a kind of celebration to joy funny moments with Comic play.  July 8 is a national Scud day. Many peopel don’t know about this day but  if you start celebrating  this day you will come to know how funny it is. 

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This holiday was created by Stephanie West Allen and dates back to at least 2007. It doesn’t appear to be actively promoted anymore by the creator. That’s okay. I’ll still celebrate; it’s a good mantra to apply to our lives, not just today, but EVERYDAY! Call your friends and family members allocate a comic role to each one and enjoy the laughter. Popular Comic character's are so special,today you have a chance to play there role.

I think its a great idea to enjoy this day and spread lots of happiness with your close ones. I know our daily routine was set but this activity charge yourself. This will brings physical and mental refreshment. I find  this concept very Intrusting and Unique no one feel  bored in this task. Your  Children will really enjoy this, because today’s generation normally stick to TV whenever they get free time they even don’t know about the comic play  because it is not famous now a days. So now its your responsibilities to give knowledge about this things. Stop your drametic behaviour,Seriousness and stress and enjoy the life. Feel relax and enjoy the positive vibes.


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