Pandemonium Day on July 14

A day with chaos, terror and disorder treated as Pandemonium Day, Worldwide it is celebrated on July 14. Pandemonium is a Greek word and it  means  the capital of hell. You don’t have to do anything  just see which twist and turn life brings for you on Pandemonium Day. Everyday we deals with many problems  and uncertain things we think it happence  only with us but its not true ,each person have their own difficulties in life. Its is important to notice how one can handle chaos and  try to control mental stress Level. You may feel bad and upset during this difficult phase of life but remember it’s a temporary period of life soon happiness will enter into your life. Pandemonium situation is a part of life and we have to face these challenge  calmly. Every day is a Pandemonium Day but if you fight strongly no one can stop you.

How to celebrate Pandemonium Day

Celebrate Pandemonium Day in a positive way. Pandemonium Day taught us problems are continuous in nature but we can reduce it by providing self-motivation. There are many other way like art of living,Yoga, Meditation , Hobbies to generate peace of mind. You can make a note of chaos and don’t forget to make a numeric list at the end of year you will realize how Strong you are :) You can write on “My  Pandemonium Day” and share it with family,friends and relatives. To make it funny,you can try pranks on Pandemonium Day. Organise a Pandemonium day party with a weird theme it brings happiness ,fun. 

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