Piña Colada Day July 10

Piña Colada Day

Piña colada is  a cocktail made with rum, pineapple juice and coconut cream/milk. Origin of Piña colada was Puerto Rico and it’s a national drink of Puerto Rico. The name piña colada means "strained pineapple”. 

Funny thing is you can enjoy piña colada drink with piña colada song which is written by Rupert Holmes. Yes, piña colada is not restricted in one traditional form  now you can have piña colada cake, piña colada smoothie, piña colada pastry cream, piña colada mocktail.

History of Piña Colada 

It’s a big mistry who made the first  Piña colada drink. This recipe might be came in  the 19th century, From  Puerto Rico by  pirate Roberto Cofresí, to provide motivation to his crew's morale, gave them a cocktail that contained coconut, pineapple and white rum. This was now named as piña colada, When he died in1825, the recipe for the piña colada was lost. Then next story came in 1954, A barman Ramón "Monchito" Marrero from the Caribe Hilton, claims to have created the Piña Colada. He continued to serve the drink at the Caribe Hilton for 35 years after its creation and was finally rewarded for his efforts in 1978 when Puerto Rico officially proclaimed the cocktail its national drink.

Pina Colada recipe

Pour 3 ounces of coconut cream, 6 ounces of pineapple juice and 11⁄2 ounces of white rum into a blender or shaker with crushed ice, and blend or shake very well until smooth. Pour into chilled glass, garnish with pineapple wedge and/or a maraschino cherry.

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